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How To Shake Aperitivo Liqueurs Into Easy Fluffy Cocktails

Teaming up with bartender Robby Dow (formerly of Brooklyn’s Grand Army), I submitted 22 bottlings of amaro

Although many of the legacy brands of amaro fell flat, with washed-out shades of brown and disappointing,

When shaken, Braulio and other alpine-style amari resulted in a stout-like layer of foam that lingered long

Our approach remained the same, with Dow and Marrone splitting the shaking duties

The contents were then shaken again, without ice, for 10 to 15 seconds before being poured directly into a

A savory, herbal note meant to be more subtle, for instance, would instead dominate on the finish

Red bitters topped our final picks, with only the golden-hued, jewel-toned gentian liqueurs Avèze and Suze

Served shakerato, the list that follows would feel right at home on any aperitivo cocktail menu