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How to Make a Silkier Simple Syrup for Cocktail

  Since then, powdered lactic acid dissolved into simple syrup has become a go-to secret ingredient for the

Lactic acid in particular references the tang of yogurt or kefir, but also adds a subtle richness

Most often, lactic acid powder is dissolved in water, giving cocktails like White Lyan’s Creamy Martini

But dissolving lactic acid into simple syrup makes it a more natural addition to cocktails, and gives

For example, in Tyson Buhler’s Pompadour, built on a split base of rhum agricole and Pineau

(A more streamlined, home-friendly version was developed later

An adaptable base itself, the vanilla syrup also works well with fruit flavors

(Day notes that a well-strained dollop of strawberry jam would create a similar flavor

Instead of complicating a drink by adding additional flavors, this technique “enhances the complexity of [existing] flavor

“You take a sip and the mouthfeel is incredible, but you can’t pick out what it

“I find subtlety to be the greatest execution of some of these ingredients