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How the “Beverage Girlies” of TikTok Are Coping Online

“To me, the height of luxury is drinking three liquids at once,” quips Sophia Pelton , the (literal)

I’m living large and I am a little prince,” she concludes

“Beverage in hand, at all times,” says Kate, who goes by @GetItTogetherKate on TikTok and describes herself

” Beverage Girlies often sport vast libraries of seltzers or aesthetically pleasing beverage spreads , crystal coupe glasses and “

Just as iced coffee is the poster child for hustle culture, TikTok’s three-drink (or more) rotations

In fact, the Beverage Girlie phenomenon shows that sometimes the treat is the hustle

Beverage Girlie culture isn’t just about wellness or the affordable luxury of a fridge full of

With hydration linked to skin health , it’s easy to see how the boom of these new “

For skincare-loving Beverage Girlies, hydration is aspiration; in just a few drinks, you can become a seltzer-chugging

“ I actually got a mimosa at the airport this morning,” says Kate

“ As TikTok likes to say, ‘I romanticized’ my flight delay with a fun bev

For the Beverage Girlie, happiness is just a “ fun, silly drink ” away