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How Long Does Rum Last? (Does Rum Expire?)

You can enjoy it plain with some ice cubes but you can also use it as an

But how long does rum last and how can you store it correctly? We will answer these

Unopened rum bottles can’t expire as they can stay good for decades to come

On the other hand, an opened bottle of rum should be consumed with six months

Once you open a rum bottle, oxygen and bacteria gets inside the drink

Considering that rum can be a valuable ingredient in both cooked desserts and cocktails, this shouldn’t

Storing rum properly is essential to conserving its quality over time

It is important to follow certain guidelines for both opened and unopened bottles of rum, regardless of

If you poured your glasses of rum and you are not going to use it in the

If your bottle is not sealed properly, you will end up with a type of rum that

Another important tip is to transfer the rum into a smaller bottle if the original bottle is

So, if you have a quarter of rum left in the bottle, you will have three quarter

To avoid such an outcome, pour your rum into a smaller container before you store it away

Since they are properly sealed by the manufacturer, you will not have to worry about finding the

All you have to do is place them in a dark place of your home that is

They will not preserve their qualities just as well in hot temperatures or direct sunlight

Rum doesn’t expire, nor does it go bad as long as you don’t open the

Depending on how much oxygen gets to your rum, it might get to taste vinegary and its

A change in taste doesn’t necessarily mean that your rum went bad

But it does mean that its qualities changed and you might not like it as you use

Pour a glass of rum from the bottle and inspect its features carefully

If your rum went bad, you will also notice signs of spoilage on its surface

Depending on how you stored your rum, there might be a thin layer of mold on top

If such signs are present on top of the vinegary scent, discard it and don’t drink

It will just taste different and have a sour flavor but you will still be able to

Yes, as long as you don’t open the rum bottles, they can stray good for several

Leep in mind that rum doesn’t age once it is in the bottle the same way

So, if you store it for several years without opening it, doesn’t mean it will get

However, when it comes to opened bottles of rum, keeping them for years should not be an

You can refrigerate your rum if you prefer it cold, but there is no need for it

Rum will not last better or longer if you store it in the fridge

The high level of alcohol in rum as well as the sugar content of this drink will

So, if you prefer your drink cold, go ahead and place your rum bottle in the fridge,

  Your rum might last longer than six months but this is the time frame whgen you can

After six months, your spiced rum might lose its flavor, smell and alcohol content, which will make

Depending on the spices that it contains, some rum can get bad sooner or later than others

When you want to store an opened rum bottle, first decide for how long as you going

However, if you want to store it for a few months, transfer the leftovers into a smaller

This will reduce the amount of oxygen trapped inside the container, along with your rum

Make sure you seal your bottle with an air tight lid so no oxygen or bacteria gets

You don’t want the rum to get in touch with the lid of the bottle

Moisture and humidity as well as heat can turn the rum bad faster!  

Rum is a strong alcohol beverage and thanks to its ingredients, it can last for impressive amounts

The more sugar and alcohol your rum has, the better it will stay preserved over the years

Since the opened rum bottles will change their taste and smell faster, you should plan on consuming