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How Jim Meehan Revived a Forgotten French Martini Cocktail

The Rose has been following Jim Meehan around for nearly two decades

“If you spend 20 years with a recipe, you might not make it the same the whole time

The original Rose was created by Johnny Mitta of the Hotel Chatham in Paris in the 1910s

The drink is an outgrowth of the Vermouth Cocktail genre, made with a reverse Martini build of 2:1

In The Oxford Companion to Spirits & Cocktails , Fernando Castellon asserts that the Rose was “effectively the

The Rose was one of those pre-Prohibition cocktails that got picked up by the scholars of the

In the headnote to the recipe, Haigh wrote that drinks historian David Wondrich believed the Rose to

Intrigued by what had been called “the most forgotten cocktail in the forgotten cocktail book,” he says

The raspberry syrup used in those earliest days, he says, was a product designed for ice cream

In a departure from the recipe in Haigh’s book, Meehan’s version was stirred, rather than

The next big breakthrough for Meehan’s Rose came when Eric Seed of Haus Alpenz started importing

The producer had a long history of making vermouth de Chambéry, commonly referred to as blanc

“But if you make it with blanc vermouth, it sings,” he says

This recipe reflects the blanc vermouth revelation, calling for a full two ounces, plus an ounce of

A reverse Martini made with cherry eau de vie and red currant preserves

The final piece of the puzzle materialized in the spring of 2021

Then, one day, he was shopping at a market that sourced local Oregon products and came across

The mushrooms, Meehan says, lend a “mesmerizing perfume”—more aroma than flavor

To finish, the drink is garnished with a kirsch-brandied cherry on a pick

Even after so many iterations, Meehan isn’t done refining the drink

The news gave him pause to reflect on what he sees as the Sisyphean task of trying

” Still, given Meehan’s history with the cocktail, his next version is sure to be his best