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How Bartenders Make Their Own Olive Brine for the

The problem with all the recent enthusiasm for the dirty Martini , according to Long Island Bar proprietor

“Some while back, we realized we were having a brine crisis, not unlike the oil crisis of

In response, the Brooklyn bar began reverse-engineering its own

“One of our clearer-headed barkeeps, KJ Williams, began making up batches of fabricated brine,” says Cecchini

“This has become so necessary [that] it seems preposterous we haven’t been doing it from the

“ Olive brine from a jar is kind of gross and hard to work with if you’re

“There’s often stuff floating in there, and if you change olive brands, the brine changes too

The not-olive brine is featured in the dirty gin and dirty vodka Martinis at Gage & Tollner,

Consider the MSG Martini from Bonnie’s in Brooklyn, created to honor chef Calvin Eng’s vision

(While the exact solution used in the drink is a proprietary blend, the flavor can be replicated

“It’s become Martini-mania in the last few years,” Cecchini warns

“And all of these topers want their dirty Martinis progressively dirtier and dirtier