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How a Vodka Drink That Tastes Like French Toast

In the Back Room bar at New York City’s Double Chicken Please, the menu resembles that

Led by co-founders GN Chan and Faye Chen, Double Chicken Please seamlessly transforms these familiar dishes into

“Our cocktails and food are deconstructed, redefined and rebuilt in the spirit of hacking design,” says Chan

“They’re drink renditions of iconic foods, reassembled as boozy, liquid versions of the dishes

On the menu, the French Toast is described as Grey Goose, roasted barley, brioche, coconut, milk, maple

The playful accompanying bite is ostensibly simple, but like every other drink and dish at Double Chicken

Chan and Chen employ an array of techniques to incorporate each flavor into the drink

First, the Grey Goose vodka—selected for its use of winter wheat, an ingredient often used in

In the final stage, after the brioche liquid mixture is chilled—in keeping with the French toast

Capturing the essence of brioche was a challenge that required some ingenuity

Chan first experimented by infusing a spirit with brioche, but eventually found that blending the bread with

“I thought the drink needed another ingredient to marry these flavors together,” explains Chan

A friend of Chan’s in Taiwan designed a cookie mold, which Chan and Chen had printed

The cookies are then made into sandwiches filled with whipped white chocolate–coffee ganache, resembling an Oreo

As much as the French Toast showcases Double Chicken Please’s technical ability, the drink is also

As Chan explains, with the cocktail, “You are effectively drinking your French Toast and eating your Espresso