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Guide to Craft Mocktails • A Bar Above

1-ounce Seedlip Spice 94 1-ounce Lyre’s Italian Orange 1-ounce VERSIN Non-Alcoholic Vermouth

It took just a few hours after gathering everything I needed

Most of the whole spices were readily available in the bulk spice section of a gourmet grocery

A few ingredients – vegetable glycerin and angelica root I bought on Amazon

In my next batch, I will try to amplify the juniper notes by cruising the juniper berries

If you go the DIY route, it will help to have a few things on-hand:

You’ll be using your blender to make tinctures – concentrated extracts made by blending up spices, herbs,

In the Zero ABV Gin, I blended juniper berries in a combination of vegetable glycerin and water

Thus, you’ll be weighing out one to five-gram portions on a gram scale instead of using

Plus, there are many uses for a scale once it’s part of your kitchen set up

You can weigh flour for baking, sugar and water for making syrups, and food for portion control

I know my craft mocktail menu options will be endless when I complete the backbar

They are a necessary part of a home bar or professional bar program