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Gamblers’ favorite cocktails

There’s nothing more exciting than playing roulette or poker in a land-based casino with a cocktail

But there are also quite a few cocktails that can make it even more fun

There are a whole lot of cocktails that are good for a card night

So, if you’re new to gambling or would like to diversify your alcoholic beverages, here are

Let’s get started! And don’t worry about not liking the taste of the drink after

So, here is the list of cocktails from old-school casino movies:

And of course, beer! Although it’s not a cocktail, it can certainly be a good choice

Just opt for a shandy – a lemony and ginger-tasting beer, which is excellent for drinking during the

One must agree, when thinking of a casino, more often than not you imagine fancy cocktails

But why don’t you find a perfect match for any game? Bond’s Martini shaken not

So, why not pair it with a bloody Mary? A drink to pair with blackjack is a

As you can see, cocktails are indispensable parts of casino games

Having a drink while playing different casino games can be quite exciting

However, that is not the reason to imbibe in the alcohol use

If you are at a casino for fun and don’t care much about the money you

But if you want to play blackjack or other mentally-stimulating games and are keen on saving and