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Franzia Releases Boxed Wine Dog Costumes for Halloween Paw-ties

Looking for a matching Halloween costume with your four-legged friend? Franzia is offering a solution for Hallo-weenies,

It references the brand’s “fan favorite” product, Dark Red Blend

The boo-zy apparel is a collaboration with canine company BARK, which delivers toys, treats, dental care, and

“Franzia is all about bonding with friends — whom we affectionately call ’Franz’ — over a box of wine,”

The dog-sized drop accompanies the return of Franzia’s costumes for humans

These boxy garments also feature a hidden bag, strapped around the wearer’s waist, to hold an

For those pooches not quite so committed to the boxed wine aesthetic, the collab also offers a

The plush box of wine features Franzia wine imagery, a spout “pouring” a wine-hued t-shirt rope, and

The canine costume retails for $20 and the toy for $15, while the adult costume is available for $40