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France’s Unsung Cocktail Hero | PUNCH

“I love the way Pineau des Charentes can fill many roles,” says New York–based bartender and

For those unfamiliar with Pineau des Charentes or how to use it in cocktails, there’s never

It’s little surprise that bartenders are leaning into this versatile secret weapon to add complexity and

Made in France’s Cognac region, Pineau des Charentes starts with many of the same grape varieties

The 3-to-1 ratio preserves the juice’s freshness and light acidity, and adds just enough oomph, at 17

Abigail Gullo's riff on the Boulevardier—a summer-worthy aperitif with a French twist

This spectrum of flavors and resulting versatility—not to mention its relatively low ABV—has bartenders reaching

“It is exciting to bring into your bar because it has so many different uses,” explains Abigail

Notably, no sugar or other sweeteners are included in the aperitif-style recipe; Pineau des Charentes “adds just

For fans of sessionable low-alcohol drinks, Pineau des Charentes offers an option for building low-octane drinks that

Consider, marshall’s Charaillon cocktail, which features a young Pineau des Charentes White in the starring role

To play up Pineau des Charentes’ naturally fruity notes, marshall doubles down with fresh cantaloupe juice

It’s that adaptability that appeals to Javelle Taft, head bartender at Death & Co

While young varieties of Pineau des Charentes can feature robust “juicy fruit notes,” those aged longer in

” The latter style works particularly well in place of vermouth, he says

The result, Taft says, is exactly the drink “I want to selfishly enjoy outside on a patio