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Espresso & Tonic with Salted Cream

The Espresso & Tonic is a cold coffee drink that feels indulgent, while still being simplistic in

It is lovely sipped in the afternoon as a pick-me-up treat to get through the rest of

Espresso topped with tonic is widely and wildly consumed in European cafes ( reported to have been first

It has been embraced by baristas and coffee aficionados here in the US in the past 6 years

Topping with salted cream is an addition I made with some leftover cream for a cocktail

I used Q Tonic here which I find to be slightly more effervescent than other brands, but

Although you can use any tonic containing real quinine (put down the plastic 2 liter), selecting one that

Fever Tree has varying flavors of tonics like herbal Mediterranean and lemon while other brands can be

Is there more chocolate or nuts coming through? Maybe caramel or zesty fruit notes are apparent

The pinch of salt cuts through the fattiness of the cream and helps tie it into the

Lightly whipping the cream allows it to incorporate into a drink more easily as you sip it,

staying elevated on top leaving a clump of cream at the end of the drink as with

For those who do not partake in dairy, whipped coconut cream would also work in place of

Michelle the owner would pair shot of espresso with a sugary, translucent orange peel balanced on the

The Espresso & Tonic with Salted Cream ticks all the boxes for me: effervescent, bitter, sweet, citrusy

A bubbly coffee drink that hits the spot for an afternoon pick-me-up both effervescent, bitter, sweet and

I used a small amount of Luxardo cherry syrup in the glass one time and it was