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Convert Any Cocktail Recipe to Big Batch

When you’re entertaining guests, you can save yourself time by pre-mixing a big batch of cocktails

And this is really simple to do, even when the drink you want to make doesn’t

Or when the big batch recipes you’ve found are in imperial measurements and you need metric,

You can pre-mix a pitcher of cocktails up to a week before your party, as long as

It won’t go bad if you do it sooner, but it could possibly lose a little

Whichever one you use, there are a couple of things to remember:

If your guests are friends and you have an idea how much they drink, that’s simple

Just count up the number of drinks you expect each person to have, and add them all

Since some probably won’t drink this much, this tends to leave you with a little extra,

Look at your chosen drink recipe, and multiply each ingredient by the number of drinks you expect

So if you’re making a big batch of 16 drinks, and your recipe calls for 1 ounce of

5 ounces of a fruit juice, you’ll need 16 ounces of vodka and 24 (16 x 1

If your drink is measured in “parts”, as in “1 part vodka, 2 parts juice”, your work just got

Now that you know the volume of the drinks you need to make in advance, you can

If you know how many ounces your pitcher or beverage server holds, then you just need to

If you have a pitcher and don’t know how much it holds, here’s a quick

Now multiply what your measuring cup holds by the number of times you were able to pour

If you’re making 16 four ounce cocktails, that’s perfect

If you’re making more, you’ll need another pitcher or a bigger one

And if you’re doing all this in imperial, your measuring cup will work just as well

Workaround: Instead of trying to calculate the pitchers, you can totally use a great big container like

If all this sounds like too much math, don’t worry – we’ve got another option for

And for some drinks, it might be much easier than trying to convert the numbers

And so on until you’ve got the amount of drinks you will need for each guest

You just do that each time before pouring it into the pitcher, and you’re all set

If it requires stirring or shaking or adding carbonated ingredients, you can do that one drink at

If your cocktail doesn’t need to be served on the rocks, the combination of a refrigerated

This is something I’ve seen at restaurant bars and it makes for very impressive hosting