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Cocktails You Can Give as Gifts

In a large glass jar, you simply place the ingredients required for each cocktail

The recipe for each Manhattan calls for 60ml whiskey (preferably bourbon), 25ml dry vermouth and 2 dashes of

Depending on the size of your jars, you could double, triple or quadruple the ingredients as required

Then include one maraschino cherry for each cocktail you’ve created

The ultimate hangover cure, this is the perfect Christmas gift that will help to dissolve the party

Once combined, you’ll need three teaspoons of the mixture in a small ziplock bag and this

5oz) can or bottle of tomato juice – V8 is great if you can get it, as well

On the direction label, you should tell the recipient to add the spice mix, vodka and tomato

Finish the jar with some marshmallows for the ultimate hot chocolate design