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Cocktail Wonk Top Ten Stories of 2021

Welcome to my traditional year-end introspective for CocktailWonk

But by totaling up my output across all my projects (not just Cocktail Wonk), 2021 was a gangbuster

Cocktail Wonk took a backseat role for my time allocation, but the payoff will be worth it

While stories here appeared less frequently, they continued taking the road less traveled in the service of:

Independent of pages views, these are the stories I would point new readers to as examples of

This story combines my affection for rum education, history, and tiki into a tale of “We’ve

” All those folks making classic Tiki recipes of the golden era with rhum agricole may wish to

There is an aphorism – Repeat a lie often enough, and it becomes the “truth

The tiki community is frequently roiled when someone calls out a recipe as inauthentic

Each additional rum GI (geographical indication) is another body blow to the “Rum has no rules” ridiculousness

An exclusive first look at what Guyana chose as the requirements to be called Demerara Rum

The esoteric details of Demerara Distillers’ heritage stills are of intense interest to the rum Illuminati

While Martinique’s AOC regulations are widely known, far fewer people know about Grand arôme; Martinique’

In this article, I propose more common sense categories to replace “white rum,” e

, “multi-country blend,” “unaged Jamaican overproof,” and “Aged and filtered

” The story also has a reference guide mapping many popular “white rums” to these categories,

I’d not written in this format before and was pleasantly surprised by the response

As before, the list has its share of often surprises and historical tidbits

Unlike the prior list, this list includes all content on CocktailWonk

The only story written in 2021 was the Barbados Rum Cheat Sheet

That’s it for 2021! It’s my fervent hope to push out more stories in 2022, as I