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Cherry Blossom cocktail – Craft and Cocktails

Cherry blossoms always usher in spring in a flurry of fluffy pink and white blooms! These blooms

It combines cherry jam, gin, lemon and vanilla infused vermouth & delicate cherry blossoms

I made a variation of this Cherry Blossom cocktail for Design*Sponge years ago

Since then the blog has shut down and I wanted to be sure the recipe lives on

The vanilla cherry blossom vermouth is a great addition to spring cocktails

I like to mix a touch of bianco vermouth into Martinis to give it a bit more

I have also combined the infused vermouth with gin, Luxardo cherry, and orange bitters for a lower

Roses are the easiest substitute here, but pickled preserved sakura (a

They host hanami gatherings and picnics with friend and family to admire the cherry blossoms that book

If you can find some in your area they are real sight to see and eat

The blooms can be used for teas, desserts and infusions like the vanilla cherry blossom vermouth in

1/2 cup cherry blossoms OR 1-2 tbsp presrved cherry blossoms OR 2 tbsps dried rose buds