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Cheers to 5 East Coast Finalists in the Bartenders Society

To enter each bartender created a unique cocktail inspired by their vision of the latest cocktail trends

Using vegetables and savory spices really enhances the spirits in a cocktail and it’s a trend

Savory flavors and spices also enhance so many spirits as well! More and more cocktails worldwide are

Using fresh local ingredients really makes a difference in a cocktail and we continue to see more

My cocktail Love Train is named after the 70’s hit by The O’ Jay’s

Preparation: Dip half of coupe in 1/4 oz of lemon juice and then roll in lemon pepper to

Garnish with fruit and vegetable skewer: Skew one cherry tomato , one sugar snap pea, one green grape,

In Baltimore, I am seeing a trend of bar guests who are interested in – even seeking out –

Now, I find more guests want to taste the base spirit (not have it covered up) and

This approach highlights the base ingredients and demonstrates how even just small additions of bitters and other

I also created a cocktail with summer flavors as seasonal menus continue to be a trend in

Coarsely tear mint leaves and place in shaker tin with remaining ingredients and ice

Sure enough, shortly after the ball dropped in Times Square, I began to see a variety of

My bar guests have already been introduced to the exotic Yuzu and Passion Fruit, through a very

But now these flavors are no longer part of the mysterious unknown

My guests are confident in ordering a cocktail containing these flavors, and it’s my pleasure to

Preparation: In a shaker tin, combine Saint James Rhum Paille, Marie Brizard Mûre and Yuzu, Green

Once water has boiled, remove from heat, and let cool for 1-2 minutes (water should be 170o)

Pour through a fine mesh strainer into a heatproof container and allow to cool to room temperature

I believe that the latest trends are moving toward fresh and homemade ingredients and quickly leaving behind

Instead of the overly sweet fruity cocktails, people are understanding the balance of a well-crafted cocktail

I also think bringing back techniques from the eras that cocktailing became an art form is heavily

Preparation: Mix all ingredients except the peach-yuzu puree and stir until brown sugar has dissolved

Pour into 4 oz of whole milk and stir to activate the clarification process

Once you have clarified the cocktail, pour into a shaker with ice and add a teaspoon of

As hospitality professionals one trend I love seeing come to the forefront is viewing what we provide

Even the best cocktail can be an underwhelming experience if all the pieces don’t make for

I’ve long been a proponent of putting the experience first

My vision of cocktail trends is being able to embrace multiple trends and techniques to deliver this

Tea offers us a huge flavor library to pull from, and can be manipulated in many ways,

In this case, I did a high-volume extended extraction to draw out some tea tannins that make

Two more trends I love utilizing are alternative acids, and the use of acids in stirred cocktails

But in this drink a few drops of acid solution lighten the cocktail and tighten up the

Cheap banana spirits are awful, but a well-made one, like Marie Brizard Banana, can add nuance, depth,

Instead of being a one-note banana bomb the addition of vanilla, pineapple, and spices makes for a

Finally, we get to the focus of our drink, and a trend that should be at the

It’s been a piece of my back bar and my menu for nearly a year now,

It makes the drink definitively not just a rhum cocktail, but a Saint James cocktail, showcasing the

The experience is something rooted in “Sense Memory” but something that epitomizes the experience coming first and

Garnish: Toasted Marshmallow Dusted with Graham Cracker and Abuelita Cocoa

Toast a skewered marshmallow and dust with crushed graham cracker and Abuelita cocoa powder, place over rim

*Homemade or hard to source ingredients can be sent to judges for ease of replication if desired

*Light Smoked Earl Grey Orange Oleo Syrup: In a bag combine 350 grams orange peel and 1 liter of

*10% Acid Solution: Combine 1 liter water, 60 grams citric acid and 40 grams malic acid, stir to dissolve