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Best Triple Sec Substitute: Top 10 Alternatives

But not having this tasty, French Liqueur, doesn’t mean you have to skip your favorite drink

If you are looking for a Triple sec replacement, know that you have plenty of options

You can use Orange Curaçao, Grand Marnier, Cointreau or many others

So, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about such alternatives! 

The taste of this drink is a mix between a citrusy taste and a neutral, vodka taste

Orange Curaçao is the traditional orange liqueur that is very similar to Triple sec

As a matter of fact, there are many bartenders that use Triple sec and orange Curaçao

The initial Triple sec had the name Orange Curaçao triple sec due to their similarities in

Grand Marnier can also substitute Triple sec in any type of cocktail

For many people, Grand Marnier is actually a better choice than Triple sec

It makes the drinks taste better thanks to its intense citrusy flavor and sweetness

You will find it often in bottles that are labeled Cotton Rouge

Cointreau is a great substitute for Triple sec because it is also considered a type of Triple

Cointreau is less harsh compared to Triple sec and it can be a perfect substitute for Margaritas

Use it in the same ratio you would use Triple sec but keep in mind that your

Another liqueur that will bring you a tasty citrusy flavor and a generous alcohol content is Combier

However, even if you might like its flavor better, don’t add more than you would normally

This replacement will not bring your drink the fruity taste that Triple sec does, but it will

Since Brandy doesn’t have the sweetness of Triple sec, you might want to add less of

It is recommended to taste your Brandy and adjust the ratio of it as well as the

With that being said, you can still use orange juice in your drink but use it in

Grenadine is commonly used in cocktails thanks to its sweet yet tart flavor which resembles Triple sec

You can use it best in non-alcoholic cocktails as it can truly increase the flavor of your

However, instead of orange notes, this drink will bring pomegranate notes to your cocktail

If you are not convinced by the pomegranate teste, add Grenadine in half the quantity you would

The only difference is that orange extract or zest is a lot more concentrate

This alternative will give you a stronger citrusy taste in your drink with no alcohol content

If you only want some orange flavor in your drink, orange extract can work perfectly

Maraschino liqueur is also a bit difficult to find but if you do, it can substitute Triple

The alcohol level of Maraschino liqueur can range from 24% to 32% which is less than Triple sec too

You can use Maraschino liqueur instead of Triple sec in equal ratio

Vodka can save the alcohol content in your cocktail but it will not add much of a

The best way is to combine vodka with orange juice and add the mix to your drink

Most of the substitutes can be replaced in equal ratio,k especially if they contain a similar

If you are going to use a substitute that has a different flavor than Triple sec, such

You will be able to decide better how much of it you want to add based on

This would be the best option as it is very similar to Triple sec and it will

Triple sec can be compared to simple syrup but it brings an alcohol content that sets it

The consistency of Triple sec can resemble simple syrup as it is thick and has a defined

Also, while syrup can be used instead of Triple sec in cooking recipes, especially orange syrup, you

However, you can actually put together a great Margarita even without this ingredient

While Triple sec can add that special, citrusy flavor you are looking for in a cocktail, it

The general rule will tell you that almost any alcoholic drink with a hint of orange notes

But in this guide we gathered the best replacements so you will not have to look very