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Fueled by a similar passion and belief, Tawnya Falkner gave up her career in architecture and real

Chilled spoke with Falkner about the popularity of sparkling wine and Le Grand Courtâge

She also shares details about The Le Grand Courtâge Live Joyously Sparkling Cocktail Competition, where bartenders

Le Grand Courtâge (the Great Courtship) signifies the courtship between French and American wine culture, grapes

I set out to re-imagine a rather antiquated category and create brands which are both timeless, yet

I believe one of the positives of the pandemic is that it helped people to see the

I also think the combination of the effervescence and acidity are enormously pairable for cuisine and cocktails

the scrubbing bubbles for the palate) and people realize the versatility of sparkling wines from brunch to

We’re seeing a shift away from the cheap swill previously used in cocktails and mimosas

What interesting things are being done with Le Grand Courtâge Sparkling Wines?

What are some things bartenders should know about mixing with Le Grand Courtâge?

These wines are not as light and sweet as prosecco, nor as dry and yeasty as a

The 187ml are our “faux” top and since they are screwcap, it allows for an easy open/

In our Bartenders Guide to Wine, we cover the by the glass (BTG) evolution of wine

BTG is about exploration and discovery and awakening the palate to new things and experiences

Wine is like a vacation – it transports you to a place and is a state of mind

What kind of wines are needed to make up a good BTG menu in bars?

Also, a range from value to expensive and a wide variety of wines and grapes to educate

Chilled Media Presents The Le Grand Courtâge Live Joyously Sparkling Cocktail Competiton