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Ardbeg is Releasing the Fourth Whisky in Its Coveted

A September release of one of Ardbeg’s most rare spirits might pique Islay whisky collectors’ interest

This year’s expression, however, carries a unique flavor in its profile: smokey menthol

This bottle is the fourth in the brand’s annual collection of Traigh Bhan whisky, an expression

It’s inspired by the namesake Isle of Islay’s Traigh Bhan beach, a location known as “

It offers an almost “medicinal” tone on the finish, with methanol, spicy anise, and other sharp notes

“It follows in the footsteps of previous bottlings, but thanks to some tweaks to the recipe, we’

The flavor profile can be attributed in part to the whisky’s extra time spent in Oloroso

2 percent ABV whisky is available at select spirit retailers, online, and at Ardbeg outlets