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Aperitivo Like an Italian | PUNCH

Aperitivo is more than just the Italian version of happy hour

In Milan, one of the chicest cities in the world, aperitivo is a way of life

After work, residents often stop in a bar or sit in a piazza, grab a drink and

It’s casual and relaxed, a quintessentially Italian way to transition from work to play—a world

Time almost stands still,” says Linden Pride, the principal at a New York City bar famous for

Read on for the spirits and snacks you’ll need to host your own ora dell’aperitivo

In ancient Greece, Hippocrates blended white wine with an early version of absinthe, said to aid in

Centuries later, in 1786, vermouth was invented in Turin, Italy, combining wines from Piedmont and botanicals from the

Ever since, different Italian regions have invented their own signature aperitifs, and introduced increasing numbers of snacks

Meanwhile, crostini (a type of cicchetti, or small plate) are beloved in Venice, especially when paired with

An aperitif is a light, slightly bitter drink made with a few ingredients

While some variations require complicated techniques and long lists of components, at the end of the day,

Plunkett-Hogge agrees: “I’m a great believer in removing snobbery from these things, and the idea that

To keep it traditional, you can make a spr itz (sparkling wine with a splash of bitter

But an Americano (like a Negroni, but with soda water replacing gin) and a straightforward Vermouth &

MARTINI & ROSSI®️ has been supplying Italians with aperitivo essentials since 1863

If you’re hosting more than a few people, make a batch of Negronis or a spritz

They’re more like an hors d’oeuvre than a hefty appetizer, and they don’t replace

Opt for simple, salty finger foods that keep you going back for more, including olives, pistachios, potato

If you’d like to make things heartier, remember to keep it simple

If you’re up for cooking, you can also serve croquettes, small slices of pizza or focaccia,

It’s not about complex drinks or elaborate dishes, but gathering after a long day and savoring

MARTINI & ROSSI has everything you’ll need to aperitivo like an Italian