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Añejo Alarm: Why Aged Tequilas Are Disappearing

You could be facing a shortage of your favorite sippers, higher prices, or both, as several sources

Just to give you an idea of the capital required to make tequila, at 30 pesos a kilo

This means that tequila producers have faced a dilemma for some time

While pricing pressures have put a squeeze on production, there’s another factor affecting añejo supply—

The surge in demand has left extra añejo (XA) reserves, which require at least three years

This may be because many customers still aren’t able to go to bars, but also realize

Of course, more demand and less supply is resulting in higher prices

According to Romaya, they are seeing across the board price hikes on tequila, and the situation is

“And prices are up, even for blancos—although not as much—since agave prices remain high,” he

Cristalinos have been one of the fastest growing tequila segments in Mexico, and they are now taking

Some producers have used their aged stock to meet the demand, leaving them with less non-filtered añ

We asked Ferreira Ruiz whether the cristalino trend was depleting anejo reserves

We’ve noted 14 reposado cristalinos in our database — many added recently — with more presumably on the way

Producers that have their own barrel programs and reserves (such as Tequila Fortaleza, Don Fulano, Casa Noble,

This was in response to the fast-growing demand for añejo and extra añejo products

So, take this opportunity to try some aged tequilas you’ve never had before, or would like