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An Easy Technique To Keep Beer Ice Cold in

Where I live, the summer heat is sticky, and the humidity regularly stretches the already hot temperatures

If I’m sitting with something under the sun, I would much rather have a frozen drink

’s Lulu’s Winegarden has challenged this long-held belief

Then, a cold can of Tecate is poured over the mound of ice, resulting in an instant

“Every time they’d bring the beers, it was an automatic big cup of shaved ice, with

, where the duo decided to add pool beer to what was already a Southwest-inspired menu

(Carlson is from Arizona, and chef/partner Cable Smith is from New Mexico

Though the method is a very simple one, there are some best practices for implementing the technique

Also, shaved ice is crucial—crushed ice doesn’t make the same impression, and blended ice would

As it turns out, the original “pool beer” was never intended to be poured over the shaved

The larger cup filled with shaved ice is intended for the beverage to sit in, like a

But pouring the beer into that icy cup? That’s an inspired innovation that I’ll be