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All About the Mojito • A Bar Above

There are fewer cocktails in the world that are as well known as the mojito, especially on

I recall my busy summers as a bartender, serving customers looking to relax and cool off

That story is not without a flair of embellishment, but it’s not far off from the

There is something about this cocktail: Try as I might to hate it, the truth is that

The mojito is one of the most popular cocktails that is technically in the fizz cocktail family (

While there are so many variations– some of which I’ll share below– a basic mojito offers

It requires a little prep time because you need to muddle your mint (and fruit if you’

An excellent mojito relies on fresh ingredients, so make sure to use fresh mint leaves; you can

While not totally necessary, the mojito is known for crushed ice

A lot of people pick up ice from their local Sonic Drive-In, too

And if you’re really committed to pebble ice, you can invest in a GE ice machine

You’ll notice most of the recipes call for simple syrup, which is really easy to make

If you plan ahead, you can make a batch (one cup sugar, one cup water) and store

While the water heats, macerate the pineapple chunks and sugar together

Remove water from heat and add the macerated pineapple and sugar

Stir until all the sugar is dissolved; let the mixture steep for about 3-4 minutes to allow

Shameless plug: To make this particular drink– any variation of it– you’ll need a solid muddler

The mojito, like many other cocktails, did not originate with its name

Instead, it was nothing more than a tonic used medicinally to help with common diseases and ailments,

That is until an English Naval Officer by the name of Francis Drake dropped his salt-crusted anchor

Yet, it was inevitable that it would ultimately transform over time to become more refined into the

As popularity swelled at home, it also increased here in the States (thanks in part to Ernest

And as tourism expanded and grew over the years, so did the popularity of this cocktail

Fast-forward to today, where it stands among the most widely-known and ordered classics worldwide, surpassing most boozy

Despite it being time-consuming to make, it is a really neat cocktail to play with; there is

Note: I haven’t included a skinny mojito here, but we have a great skinny mojito recipe

This traditional Cuban mojito is a fantastic summer cocktail without tons of fancy ingredients

Sans many other components, the sweet + tart flavor combination really shines in this classic mojito recipe

Add mint to your cocktail shaker tin, lightly muddle, and then add all other ingredients except the

Want a non-alcoholic mojito? It’s really easy to stay spirit-free by omitting the rum from the

To make your mojito mocktail more interesting, you can use a non-alcoholic spirit like Seedlip, put in

You don’t want it to just be minty limeade after all! Follow all the same directions

There are plenty of berry variations, but this is one of my favorites

Combine all remaining ingredients (except soda) into a shaker tin, and give a light shake

Garnish: Strawberry Slice, Fresh Mint Sprigs, and Slice of Lime

This pineapple mojito is a little different than the classic rum cocktail, featuring tropical flavors

Lightly muddle mint leaves in a cocktail shaker tin, and then add spirits, lime juice, and syrup

A spin on a coconut mojito, this is another tropical version of the Cuban classic; it mixes

Muddle the mango chunks in the shaker tin until at a pulp, then add mint leaves and

Combine all remaining ingredients (except Sparkling Coconut Water), add ice and give a light shake

Do you have another mojito recipe you love? Leave me a comment or come over to the