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A Classic Tequila Cocktail Gets an Update With Mezcal

“There’s no other spirit like mezcal,” declares Carlo Bracci, beverage director of Tahona Bar, in San

Switching the base spirit to mezcal made it easy to position the tart, citrusy drink as a

The Oaxacan Firing Squad quickly became one of the bar’s bestsellers

Bracci’s mezcal of choice for the drink is Amarás Verde, a “balanced, lightly smoky” option

From there, Bracci switched out the typical Angostura bitters for mole bitters, which adds a subtle chocolate

“Inside our mole there’s a lot of fat, a lot of lard,” Bracci notes

“We infuse it, we strain out the big bits, and refrigerate it for a couple of hours,”

Instead, he describes the process as “chill filtration,” the same technique used to remove chemical compounds that

We like to stimulate conversation,” Bracci explains, all in service of further educating guests about mezcal