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A Brandy and Yellow Chartreuse Cocktail Makes a Comeback

The “Widow’s Kiss” is the Platonic idea of cocktail names

So beguiling is the title that it was used by multiple pre-Prohibition greats, Harry Johnson, Jack Grohusko

But for Deke Dunne, his connection with the Gilded Age classic is more personal

Back in 2017, when he was cutting his teeth at the Gibson in Washington, D

Pretending to ring in an order, Dunne secretly Googled the recipe

” He and his friend workshopped the drink and got it to a better place by the end

But Dunne wasn’t finished with the Widow’s Kiss—he has carried the cocktail with him

When he became beverage director of Allegory in Washington, D

Eventually, Dunne decided to create a menu of classics to accompany the bar’s imaginative main menu ,

The Widow’s Kiss formula Dunne has developed over the years shows a careful desire to bring

His first change was to reduce the apple brandy base to one ounce and to add three-quarters

” He found that “the roundness and juiciness of the Rémy Martin VSOP really plays beautifully with

Though both are herbal and bring honey notes into the equation, Dunne sees them as distinctive elements

Finally, the one thing Dunne’s spec doesn’t alter is the amount of bitters he uses—

” In order to preserve the desired texture, Dunne sticks to Kappeler’s choice to serve the cocktail

Serving the cocktail down over even a large ice cube, he says, could swiftly mute its distinctive

With its combination of apples and grapes, honey, herbs and baking spices, it’s a lesser-known classic