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7 Easy Drinks to Make for a Party

When you’re throwing a party or a casual get-together, you don’t want drinks that challenge

These seven drinks will make your life as a host or hostess so much easier

Most of them can be made into big batches so guests can serve themselves and top up

The rest are still very easy – you just have to add an ingredient like cola at the

This one is a simple pour and stir kind of cocktail, which means you can easily make

Or basically anybody who likes cranberry juice, and who doesn't?

The Amaretto Sour is easy to make, featuring just three ingredients and a little bit of shaking

The flavor is mostly sweet with enough sour to make it interesting

The great thing about this drink is almost everyone loves amaretto

The classic Jack and Coke is one of the simplest cocktails ever, but it endures because it's

Since it's just a pour and serve, you can top off drinks as needed

Just keep it in a fridge, a bucket of ice, or a cooler during the party

There's also some rum to give it caramel notes and a little more kick

This one is best served to people who like port or wine in general

This delicious drink tastes like sweetened mint with hints of caramel from the rum

It's refreshing and so easy to make with just two ingredients

It's also great for any holiday or sports event where green is one of the colors

Don't worry about the ice melting - this drink has such a good flavor that being watered

The Foreplay is a shot, which makes it perfect for the kind of party where you want

It mostly tastes like pineapple juice, so most people love it

Or you can set out the ingredients and show people how to pour it for themselves

You can make it for guests ahead of time by pouring the vodka and whiskey in the

When someone's ready for a drink, you add ice and cola, and you're all set