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6 Cocktail-Making Tools You Definitely Need

The rules of mixology may be complicated, but the tools involved in cocktail-making are few and far

However, if your recipe calls for a few additional utensils, then it is important you use them

Here is a few of the most common cocktail tools, along with some advice for each one

Do not be tempted to replace the glass cup with a pint glass from your cupboard – it

A jigger is a measuring tool with differently sized measuring cups on each end

They come in different shapes and sizes, but, in the UK, most will have a 25ml and

When purchasing a bar spoon, it is best to choose one that is weighted, to get the

These are best combined with a mixing glass, allowing you to combine your ingredients with ease, before

This releases the fruit juices and oils so that they are able to properly flavour the final

Most shaker sets will come with a hawthorn strainer, which allows you to keep big chunks of

This strainer allows you to control the flow of the liquid by slightly adjusting it on the

Sometimes this will be used in conjunction with a fine-mesh strainer, which will just catch any smaller

While the above tools are the mainstays of cocktail making, there are plenty of other items you

You might need a funnel for pouring homemade syrups into bottles and you should already have a

Finally, you might consider purchasing a blender specifically for cocktail making, since they are the best way