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4 Yucatan Spirits to Try Right Now

It’s also home to incredible liqueurs that illustrate the region’s cultural brilliance

Nestled in Merida, Casa D’Aristi is the Yucatan’s largest producer of natural local liqueurs

Founder Don Carlos Aristi fell deeply in love with the intricacies of the region’s cultural richness

What resulted was a concise lineup of Yucatan spirits that echo the heart and soul of the

Made from slow-roasted Malayan dwarf coconuts, the Kalani exudes all the elements of coconut we adore

Either way, it’ll mentally transport you to a Caribbean beach

This tropical Yucatan fruit (also known as soursop) is at the core of Huana, the spirit missing

In fact, Huana is the only spirit in the world to be distilled Guanábana

Made from the Seville Orange, the Narano is an ode to the zest of the Yucatan peninsula

That’s because unlike other orange varieties, the Seville orange doesn’t mature fully, making it more

It’s a no-brainer to say this liqueur is a genuine complement to your next Cadillac Margarita

Would you believe us if we told you this liqueur was once a hallucinogen? The original version,

Named after a gorgeous local white flower, Xtabentún is a spirit as intense and beautiful as