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4 Signature G&Ts Found in NYC

“[It] can last two or three hours, and is often accompanied by live music and a good

Its distinctive shape, with a long, slim stem and wide bowl, helps to collect the natural gin

With more space, several garnishes can be added rather than the typical lime wheel

“More and more [imbibers] are understanding and trying new variations from other countries

Casa Dani is the culinary home to renowned chef Dani García serving avant-garde fare (inspired by

“[We] use plenty of ice rocks to help dilution and temperature control, the more ice the better [

Casa Dani celebrates sobremesa during dessert with a list of signature G&Ts

“We always serve the tonic in front of a customer and like to give them that option

Known for its lengthy ‘Gin Library,’ several gin and tonic varieties (from spicy to herbal, and more)

Titled after a flavor profile, each copa cocktail is built using a specific gin, modifier, and tonic “

” Looking at Minay’s Spicy G&T, we ask where the spice is coming from…

Outside of the jalapeño garnish, the real “heat” radiates from the added Ancho Verde with powerful

“Using the heavy herbaceous quality of the Terroir gin, we are able to manipulate it to amplify

“I definitely want to dive deeper into pandan, which offers tropical notes with heavy herbaceous quality from

Preparation: Add gin, Ancho Verde, and bitters to a goblet filled with ice

Sereneco is an all-day restaurant nestled in a light-filled corner space integrating locally sourced ingredients into dishes

“The gin category is broad and allows for a lot of creativity between different producers (unlike bourbon

Preparation: Combine gin, tonic, and lime in a glass with ice and stir to mix

Le Crocodile is a sprawling spot at the Wythe Hotel delivering fine French fare, wine and cocktails,

And so, Karlsberg went for a Lillet and tonic – giving guests the option of Lillet Blanc or

Made by New York Distilling Company, the steeped rose petal gin provides natural coloring and characteristics

“Gin can represent a region in a really cool way expressing the botanical profile of where it’

[Because] there are so few rules… [they] can really choose whatever profile, as long as it contains