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3 Spooky Ways to Use Dry Ice

Dry ice is a great way to add a spooky element to your Halloween and fall parties

But adding it to your drink or serving it to others can lead to potential injury or

To play it safe, opt out of adding dry ice to your cocktails and use these other

I am 100% guilty of doing this in the past, but learning more about the dangers they greatly

But all this does not mean you can’t give dry ice a whirl

Skin contact can cause burns and frostbite while ingesting it can cause internal injury and fatality

Dry ice “evaporates” into carbon dioxide which can cause suffocation so be sure to use proper ventilation

If there are young children present, be sure to have any containers and coolers with dry ice

Using a large punch bowl as your base that you’ll put the dry ice in, place

Crack up dry ice into large pieces with a mallet and add to the large bowl with

Glassware, decanters, or even lab glasses like beakers add layered elements and look haunting with bubbling liquids

Add them to a bar top or credenza where you will be serving food and drinks

Add small pieces of the dry ice to the containers periodically for a mad doctor working in

Glass is best here, it’s more durable with dry ice and you can see the bubbling

*I used a test tube to stick the flowers into to add to the vase to keep