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3 Great Tequilas to Share with Good Friends

This is especially true when it comes to exciting, new-to-market products

Luckily for us, his store is just 3 blocks from our house, so sharing with him is easy

Or, read our tasting notes (below), and then let us know what you think in the comments

Has a fun lactic/cheesy thing going on in addition to agave, mushroom, earth and cinnamon aromas

Finish is short and clean, the minerals are pronounced as the agave sweetness fades

I love this because it’s a sign of a truly natural process, and one that can

Anyone who thinks that all tequila is the same needs to try this one

I’m also thrilled to see that they installed a tahona and continue to embrace old school

Tasty and naturally sweet in the mouth, with a pleasant green pepper finish

I can’t wait to try the second batch because I bet it will be even better

This tequila is so new that we don’t have any pricing or store location information outside

Because this is high proof (50% abv) I used a glass specifically designed for higher-proof spirits (the Stö

The flavor follows the aroma, but this is where the oak and barrel spice become much more

You can only get it at the La Cata tasting room in downtown Tequila, though

Complex aromas of butterscotch, comote, dried fruit (apricot), and a touch of baking spices

Natural sweetness in the mouth, balanced by a dry finish and medium mouthfeel

Astonishingly, after 14 years in a barrel, there is still cooked agave here

This might be too high in alcohol for some, but just fine for me

After 14 years in a barrel, I’m shocked that there’s still agave left

Another masterpiece from Don Adolfo and his carefully cultivated crop of organic agaves!

In addition, there are aromas of vanilla, dried fruit (cherry), and cinnamon

A very complex tequila that comes together elegantly, no doubt due in part to the quality of

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