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3 Classic Cuban Daiquiri Recipes

“If you want to test the bartender, you order the Daiquiri,” says Julio Cabrera, of Miami’s

But mastering the composition of the three-ingredient classic—rum, lime, sugar—can unlock the format’s singular

For Cabrera, one of the most overlooked elements in the Daiquiri is the sweetener

“I prefer white sugar,” he says—not simple syrup, which, if made with hot water, can have

By comparison, a drink made with the same proportions, but with a half-ounce of simple syrup instead

Rather than altering the sweetener, Cabrera prefers to add small amounts of liqueur to modify his Daiquiris

“It’s famous all around the world because of Hemingway,” says Cabrera

” While the original specified two to three dashes of maraschino, Cabrera prefers a full quarter-ounce, which stands

Another subtle variation adds a splash of absinthe (or pastis) to the classic shaken Daiquiri, yielding the

“It’s a touch of something else, a touch of flavor that makes it more complex, more

This version is woefully underrated, Cabrera says, and he’s added it to La Trova’s menu

“I don’t know why people don’t make it more often,” he says