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2 Good Reasons to Reconsider Joven Tequilas

Among the five official categories of tequila, the “Joven or Oro” expression (as it is labeled in

One hard and fast rule, however, is that no matter how much aged tequila you add to

So, even if you mix 90% extra añejo tequila in with 10% blanco it’s still called a “

There are currently a number of “joven” and “gold” labeled products in the market, mostly produced by

In late 2019, for instance, General Gorostieta was introduced to the market as a mix of blanco and

Each expression features Suave blanco tequila mixed with a special single barrel of extra añejo tequila

The joven collaboration between Suave and Tequila Matchmaker* came about by accident, and good fortune

Back in 2020, while visiting the distillery where Suave is made, Master Distiller Jaime Villalobos Sauza suggested that

As we went through the barrel samples, although good, nothing caught our attention until the last two

Interestingly, we both chose a different barrel as our favorite

We thought releasing these as specially-selected barrels was a fun idea, since they had such rich and

As the water from the tequila evaporated from the barrel the remaining liquid was concentrated with barrel

By the way, furfural smells delicious, similar to toasted almonds, and is found in many common foods,

The heavier the toast, and the longer it ages, the higher the levels will be

The legal limit for furfural is 4 mg per 100 mL anhydrous alcohol in tequila

At this level of concentration, there’s a risk of headaches

And thus, the two Suave Joven “Tequila Matchmaker Select” single barrels were born

Grover liked his selection at a slightly higher proof (45% abv), and Scarlet felt that her barrel was

45G (Grover’s barrel): 37% extra añejo, and 62% blanco, 45% abv

Tasting Notes: Dried fruit, raisin, butter, dark chocolate, and clove with a slightly dry taste and light

Tasting Notes: Orange peel, butterscotch, white chocolate and cinnamon notes with a long finish that adds black

With these offerings we hope that you can discover a new kind of joven, and an appreciation

*This collaboration was based out of true enthusiasm for the products and the process of introducing something

Tequila Matchmaker is not receiving money from the sale of these bottles