First Time Drinking Gin: A Taste Test Guide

For your first time drinking gin, I recommend trying a gin and tonic. Gin and tonics are popular because they’re light and refreshing, but they also give you the opportunity to taste different botanicals in gin. If you don’t like drinking gin straight, this might be the right option for you.


There are many different types of gin available on the market, so it can be difficult to know which one to choose. When sampling different gins, look for those with juniper berries as the dominant flavor. Other botanical flavors you might find include citrus peel, lavender, anise, cinnamon, or coriander.


If you’re not sure whether you like the taste of gin, try a liquor store. The staff can help you choose among the different gins and suggest cocktails to drink while tasting each one.


If you’d like to sample some gins but don’t want to buy all of them, consider attending a distillery tour in your local area. You may get free samples during the tour, or at least get close enough to smell what they offer for sale. You might also learn more about how gin is made and get recommendations from staff who work there—which can be really helpful!

How do you Start Drinking Gin?


Well, if you want to drink gin like a pro, you could start by sampling different types of gins and figuring out which ones you like the most. Most people don’t enjoy drinking gin straight up, so if you’re not sure about it yet, I’d recommend trying a gin and tonic instead. It’s light, refreshing, and still lets you taste all of those yummy botanical flavors.


If you live in an area with a lot of liquor stores, you can always go ask the employees for their recommendations. They should be able to guide you toward some gins that you might enjoy based on your personal preferences. You could also try attending a distillery tour in your local area. Not only will you get to try some free samples, but you might also learn more about how gin is made and get some great recommendations from the staff.


So, now that you know how to start drinking gin, it’s time to get out there and try some different types!

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What is the Best Gin for Beginners?


Juniper berries are the main ingredient in gin, so if you can find a gin that showcases their flavor, you’re onto a winner. Other botanical flavors you might enjoy include citrus peel, lavender, anise, cinnamon, or coriander.

Now let’s look at my selection of gins for beginners.

Gordon’s Gin 

London Dry Style

Gordon’s is one of the most popular types of gin, and it’s affordable too. You can get a bottle for about $15 at most liquor stores. It has juniper berries as the dominant flavor, with other botanicals including angelica root, cassia bark, nutmeg, coriander seed, licorice root, orris root, lemon peel, orange peel, sage oil.

Plymouth Gin in Old Tom Style

Another great beginner gin is Plymouth Gin in Old Tom style. The old tom style was often sweeter than London dry style gins since sugar was used during production. You may notice that this label says “extra dry” instead of “dry”, which means it still has a hint of sweetness. It costs about $20 per bottle at most liquor stores. The predominant flavor in this gin is juniper berries, with other flavors including angelica root, cassia bark, orris root, licorice root, elderberry flowers and leaves, fennel seed, cardamom pod.

Hendrick’s Gin –

This one boasts an infusion of rose petals and cucumber over traditional juniper berry flavors. It is light and refreshing and can be a great alternative for people who don’t like the strong juniper taste of classic gins.

Tanqueray Malacca –

This one is hard to find, but it’s worth tracking down just for fun. This particular gin has different ratios of three different types of sugarcane—which were used prior to cane harvesting in England—and it imparts a slightly sweet flavor to the final product. It also tastes sweeter than most London dry-style gins due to this unique process.

Bombay Sapphire Gin –

If you’re looking for something with more of an earthy or spicy taste, try Bombay Sapphire. It contains 10 distinct flavors including grains of paradise, lemon peel, and cubeb pepper.

Beefeater Gin –

This London dry-style gin is a little more herbal than some of the others. It has a fresh sage flavor, along with juniper berries and angelica root.

Plymouth Gin in Navy Strength –

The reason that this one is called “navy strength” is because it was originally sold to the British Royal Navy for use as an antiseptic cleaner. If you like things on the spicier side, go ahead and give this one a try!


Gin Tasting Tips

Try a Different Gin for Every Drink If you really enjoy gin, try buying a few different types so that you have options depending on your mood or who you’re going to be drinking with. If you have friends who don’t drink much, get the cheapest bottle of the most popular brand, like Gordon’s or Bombay Sapphire. That way you can save money while still being able to share great gin with your friends without breaking the bank.


You Might Not Like How Juniper Tastes Some people think that they don’t like juniper berries because they aren’t used to them yet, but it could end up being a matter of personal taste. If you’re not sure, start off by trying a gin that showcases the juniper flavor prominently and then works your way down to gins with less of a juniper taste.

How to Prepare a Gin and Tonic

Start by adding ice to a tall glass. Pour in about 2 ounces of gin and then fill the glass up with tonic water. Stir gently and then serve. You can also garnish your drink with a lime or lemon wedge if you’d like.


So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start trying different types of gin! You might be surprised at how much you end up enjoying them.

What Tonic Water Should I use with Gin?


When it comes to tonic water, a lot of people prefer less sweet options like Fever-Tree or Q Tonic. But if you’re impatient and want a quick solution, you can buy some tonic syrup from the store. This way you don’t have to mix your own tonic each time. You can find this option at most liquor stores.

Wrapping up


Gin can be a great drink to enjoy with friends, and there are so many different types that you’re sure to find one you like. Be sure to try out some of the tips we shared in order to make the most of your gin-drinking experience. Cheers!


When it comes to trying gin for the first time, it’s important to start off slowly. There are so many different types of gin available on the market, from sweet gins infused with botanicals like cucumber and rose petals, to dry London-style gins, that it can be tough to know where to start.

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